Coffee Filter Best gift for 2022 #DRIPLY@BARUCH

Coffee Filter Best gift for 2022

Drip.. Lee? Dri… Ply? 3 Ply?
Yes, Simply  Driply!

Drip Drip and take a sip 🙂


FUNCTION: Coffee Filter



In a world of tappy tap payments, virtual cards and “use-less paper” we have not evolved our waste management effectively when it comes to coffee 🙁

Welcome to the first and not the last, one piece paperless, no mess, no fuss coffee filter.

Yes you heard it, one piece, no papers, filters, socks, balancing acts, all in one convenient shape.


Making coffee simply enjoyable 🙂

Coffee to pair with, accommodating the taste you need:

Espresso Gold, Italian,   Blue Mountain Blend

Coffee Filter Best gift for 2022

Fun for the family:

Compost your coffee and other uses


How to your Driply, after boiling water in the kettle, or on the gas stove 😉 remove the kettle from the heat source, open your freshly ground Baruch’s coffee, one heaped soup spoon per cup, makes 2-3 cups and 1 and a half mugs. Take your Driply place on top of your cup, put the coffee in the Driply and pour the best cup of your life.
No mess no fuss, no papers. Just enjoy.

Driply is made from a specially formulated food grade polymer.

Baruch’s Coffee is situated in the Garden Route, Mossel Bay, roasting coffee for over 25 years.

Roasting our coffee in traditional drum roasters our Master Roasters use hand eyes and years of experience to bring you the perfect cup every time. We only use 100% Arabica Beans scoured from all over the world.
Established in 1998 coffee is our passion and so is convenience.

Driply is clean, new and professional. Truly the best coffee gift of the year.


Take alook at our online shop an give us feedback on your experience, send us a mail info@baruchscoffee and we will get back to you.